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Delivery conditions

The shipment of the supplied goods to be made within the period agreed with the customer, but not later than 10 business days after prepayment is received on the seller`s account, provided that the final payment is made by the time of shipment.

The customer obtains the ownership to the goods and bears the full risk associated with it at the time of shipment.

The time of shipment is considered as the date of dispatch of the goods by the seller to the transportation company with all the relevant documentation arranged. The goods are considered to be dispatched at the moment of shipment.

The goods to be shipped to the customer by rail, car or via mail.

Optionally, the customer may pick up the goods directly from the seller`s warehouse.

The goods shall be shipped in original packaging of the manufacturer. Packing shall be of an efficient and effective standards, meeting specifications and requirements of GOST. The packaging and containers are to secure full safety of the goods from any kind of damage and corrosion while their transportation and storage. The transportation package and containers are non-returnable. The cost of the container is included in the total cost.

Transportation expenses may be included in the total cost of the purchase or the customer may pay the cost of shipping upon delivery. 

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